ALERT sudio - Artist-run space.

ALERT studio is an independent project initiated by Raluca Demetrescu, Alina Buga and Catalin Burcea in order to create a platform of research and promotion of contemporary artistic production. Taking on the function of a laboratory space, Studio Alert proposes a meeting between artists, ideas, directions and speeches from different areas of conceptual and cultural spaces. Critical thinking and interrogation are important and valued as research methods in the contemporary cultural and artistic field.
ALERT studio stands as a gallery project, connecting three areas of artistic exploration - PINK | RED | WHITE - into one space. But these coordinates do not mean indexing, labeling and restriction. They may intersect, combine in new shades, and may always communicate and trigger debates.

Coordinator: Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu
Interests: Approaches which are creative, subjective, intuitive, experimental, dreamlike, sensous. Personal mythology and ethics of exposure as strategies of contemporary creation.
Guidelines: Coherent visual discourse, based on the interplay between fiction and (auto) biography, reality and fantasy, confession and lie.
Mediums: Drawing, object, installation, text, performance, photography, new media, painting and others as well.
Purpose: Exploring intimate problems that can extend from the micro-personal level to general issues. Recovery of references through introspection and self-analysis as research methods.
Overall: PINK = dream, delirium, allegory, suggestion, ambiguity, memory and the (auto) biography

Coordinator: Alina Buga
Interests: Projects apparently coming from areas outside the art space, advertising, fashion or design, but which by the creative concept and construction stand out of the initialy marked area. Projects that are so to say inadequate, not corresponding with the claims of the beneficiary, with a unique and new vision. Topics drawn from the personal playful depository, processed and displayed in a logical and disciplined artistic formula.
Guidelines: Availability to work in a team. Ability to explain the concept coherently.
Mediums: installation, performance, happenings, video, audio, photography, illustration, object, digital media.
Purpose: Identification of absurdity and contradiction in phenomena of social deviation and investing them with an artistic sense. Questioning of stereotypes of thinking on the boundaries between creative and non-creative space. Establish a communication between artists considering their common priorities and interests.
Overall: RED = exuberant, colorful, eccentric, innovative.

Coordinator: Catalin Burcea
Interests: “Engaged” artistic productions, especially social and political projects, which have a well defined critical discourse. Projects of analysis and synthesis in which the concept, the art statement may be ironic, acid, reflective, revealing. Creative research criteria of schizoid behavior particular to different groups, social categories, components of the reference space.
Guidelines: Innovative means of creative expression. Minimalism and efficiency in communication. Coherent speech, carefully articulated in terms of concept.
Mediums: Any kind of means / methods of communication, (old & new media, installation, object, performance, conceptual writing etc.) as long as the artistic proposals are fresh, innovative, consistent.
Purpose: "Challenge" the present trough critical speeches. Denouncement and activation of key issues from social and political area.
Overall: WHITE = reflexive, reactive, projective, incisive, conceptual, ingenious, clever, interesting.