Two Rooms or Another Kind of Palsy

Artist: Catalin Burcea
October 27 – November 10. 2015
OPENING: Tuesday, October 27, 7 PM


No Statement Available.
No Curatorial Text.

Just two rooms and the urgency of closure in drawing.

In the first one, a few domestic habits.
In the other one, just a presentiment.

Hope to never happen!






Everyday Guide  (He could have been the plumber)

Everyday Guide  (The epilator)

Everyday Guide  (Air conditioner filter)

Everyday Guide  (The lawn mower)

Everyday Guide  (The tooth brush)

Everyday Guide  (The washing machine)


Sky observer  

Sky observer # 1  

Sky observer # 2  

Sky observer # 3  

Sky observer # 4  



UNTITLED (Pressure)  



04,34 seconds later  


The Reflexion