Sorrow, Heartache, Recovery & Shit.
Media: drawing / instalation.
February 22 - March 8. 2011.

Not even anxieties belong to us anymore. We lost our dreams and sorrows a long time ago. We try to build them, borrow them and recycle them as some "super material" for making art. Lea Rasovszky calls them "emotional cholesterol”. I would call them "emotional condoms." Anxieties protect us from trauma, they anticipate an unknown experience, an unknown threat. Waiting for a real danger, for a reason of rebellion, for a genuine sadness, Lea Rasovszky looks with irony at sentimental manipulation, fabricated melancholy, common anxieties and nostalgia for something that never belonged to us.
In her drawings and installations, the artist reveals the contrast between the organic materials and the artificial ones, a dichotomy that turns our lives upside down. The animal inside us, aggressive or harmless, operates today on batteries. We give it time to load and limited time to perform. Tears spring from a fountain-device that, when you get bored of, you may unplug. We suffer alone or in couple, in a kitsch frame, somehow refreshing.
We want to start a war but we do not know against whom. We want to cry, but we do not know why. We want to stay safe, but we do not see the danger.
And yet, "the future sounds good" ...

Diana Marincu

Sorrow, Heartache, Recovery...http://oanapulpa.net/arta/lea-rasovszky.html