Oh, Robert you’re my favourite ice cream…
Artist: Ioana Stanca
October 15 - October 31. 2013

Dear Robert,

my 'realist' lexicon,
My fearless surface,
My juicy mango flavour
Involved in real space..
(your used paper,
your used pa int,
your used paintings)
I watched you piece by -piece,oh,titanium white!
Oh!object like!
Spill coffee on my white shirt
So it makes me visible


“I.S.(…) …so..if I would choose to be a scene from literature I would be this: Virginia Woolf’s Orlando watching the landscape changing in front of her eyes . I felt a delicious dizziness reading it, it was so slippery in a tactile way.
R.R. And do you feel that painting should be like this?
I.S. It’s not that it should be “someway”. But I like it to have a “slippery” characteristic. This is maybe why I turned to be interested in what could be done with paint or other materials. It’s a delightful sensation to see things changing right under my nose.
R.R.What are your paintings about? (did you enjoy my ice cream?)
I.S. They’re about how the paint works using different ways to put it on; it’s just about how a painting could be made. And I try to construct it in a playfull even silly way (and it’s not easy). And the ice cream, yeaaayy!! it was delicious!! Like a fur coat turned inside out, painting is to give pleasure.
R.R. JJJpoingg!! “

Fragment from: “Interviews between the prodigal daughter and the ice cream”, 2013

“Suddenly a shadow, though there was nothing to cast a shadow, appeared on the bald mountain-side opposite. It deepened quickly and soon a green hollow showed where there had been barren rock before. As she looked, the hollow deepened and widened, and a great park-like space opened in the flank of the hill. Within, she could see an undulating and grassy lawn; she could see oak trees dotted here and there; she could see the thrushes hopping among the branches. She could see the deer stepping delicately from shade to shade, and could even hear the hum of insects and the gentle sighs and shivers of a summer’s day in England. After she had gazed entranced for some time, snow began falling; soon the whole landscape was covered and marked with violet shades instead of yellow sunlight.” Virginia Woolf, Orlando, web edition published by eBooks@Adelaide, The University of Adelaide Library, 2012