The green Stitchings Story
Artist: Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu
September 27. 2012 - October 8. 2012


The green Stitchings Story,

It’s a story with several people and a story teller called MC C. The first event is happening at the terrace of a tavern. The heroes are IG writer and journalist, LP an important movie director, DD a socioligist specialised in problems of free citizen’s circulation, Israel a real hero and them. They are the ones that circulate in BB in the night time. BB is a well-known pine-trees park where horsemens are riding and is situated in N, a rich small town adjacent to beautiful city P.

It all started with a common discussion around the table, in a garden, in a summer, in the city B in another country than the one where the cities N and P and the characters of our story are from.

The character IG : -I work for a movie with LP. I am the fellow script-writer. It’s about a twelve years old child that prostitutes himself in BB from N, the adjacent town to the beautiful city P. He dresses up like a woman.
Myself: -He transvests himself?
IG: - Yes and his name is Israel.
Me: - ?
IG: - Really! Is his real name and LP get the idea for the movie when he heard this name.
Myself: - ?
IG: - This story is taken from a piece of news that appeared in a journal in F and was talking about a boy that ran away from home, a weird kiddo, with bad habbits and a strange family.
Me: - Incredible but what do you mean?!
IG: - It sucks ’cause LP can’t find a kid to match with the age and that can speak both languagues from both countries. There is no actor.

It was one of the oddest stories that I’ve heard, knowing that reality is far beyond fiction.

Soon after, I’m leaving for the country where BB park is situated, near the town N, close to beautiful P city. I’m thinking about Pan god, half man half buck, the centaur half man half horse and the hermaphrodite half women half man.

I arrive in N city, near beautiful P. I’m going in BB park. The alleys are shaddy, the trees century old and in the day time the rich bourgeois are toddling out. The appartments are luxurious and they have terraces with palm trees even if the continental climate is temperate and steady. There is also a riding club and kiosks to be rent for weddings. A small zoo with exotical birds and free peacocks has a little lake with water lilies and a small artificial water-fall. The roller coaster that brings tourists from the subway station in the forest ride on narrow iron rails. There is nothing more trifling, more bourgeois and iddylic!

I together with SM and AB (my friends from beautiful P)
Us: - Hello! We are looking for somebody. His name is Israel and has twelve years. He is from R.
A fetishist centaur is wearing a fantastic pelerine, carmine linen and a black corset above which were spilling out huge tits and has an enormous dick in erection like a grotesque cartoon.
That one: - What did you say the boy name was?
We: - Israel. He is from R.
The centaur: - So! Never heard but those from eastern countries are to be found in the northern alleys, that direction (he shows us the way). Here, we are from SA: B, C, P... and continues... showing us a sign with the fingers: „- Four”.

In the northern area we found another centaur, and another faun and another hermaphrodite.

We put the same question to a lady faun. She is from country T. After she told us that she has never heard about Israel, moralisingly comments: - „Twelve years old. Very early!”
Strange centaurus prostitutes morality!
In the northern part of the forest, where black fauns hookers are, nobody knows nothing.

Three weeks after I met LP film’s assistant, DD a sociologist. She is a readership at EHESS university from P and her doctoral dissertation topic was the free immigration in the globalisation context. She has her own office and beautiful black hair. I am telling her my story and she confirms the project’s existence and the difficulty to find a boy that matches the character.

After two years I am acquainted with director, LP to whom I relate the facts. He is also confirming the history and is interested with it, saying that he would like to make a film about it, if I write the script. I’ll never do it. Instead I composed another kind of script-this one.