PINK | PINK | WHITE - launching project | insert NAG#4, 11/06/2010
Installation-drawing, printed illustration, installation-object

Razvan Boar | PINK
Daniela Virlan | PINK
Dragos Platon | WHITE

Obstacle for shallowness regarding the ability to learn,
judge and make decisions

Drawing is a sensitive expression of objects around us. It is also a communication method and an exhaustive knowledge. It is meant to support a construct, but also to conceal it.
The presence of memory, trying to recover a cryptic, enigmatic event is very powerful in Razvan’s drawings. They remind you of something, maybe a nightmare, maybe something that is just familiar but you never really experienced or maybe it is just a dream you both had.

Mind Projection
Daniela tries to give shape to her thoughts and ideas, through a self-reflexive approach and personal investigation. The mediums she uses are very different and meaningful-glass, drawings on paper, (kind of globe lighting effects).

Not for us but for them
We are always unhappy and ungrateful ... we are not to blame, but always "the others" ... be they immigrants, bankers or just destiny.